"We gather in faith..."

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis J. Christian


One of the recent additions to the web are sites and blogs

that celebrate embarrassment and failure. They are good

natured postings of the human foibles of life. For

example, FMylife.com was just launched in January and

now receives 1.7 hits per day. A few samples of the sort

of thing found there are these:

Today my parents asked if I wanted to go to military

school, so I said “yeah, that would be awesome” thinking

it was a joke. They weren’t joking.

Today, as I got down on one knee and was in the middle

of saying “Will you marry me?” she answered a text

message. Apparently it was more important.

Today, I was on a small plane. A flight attendant told us

that there was too much weight in the front of the plane

and they needed 3 people to move to the back. I

volunteered and walked to the back. She says, “OK we’re

going to need 1 more person”.

Why would anyone want to share their failures and put

downs with the world? It probably boils down to the fact

it’s a way of working through the disappointments or

failures. As someone said, “You really have two choices:

you can cry or laugh.”

We all have to live with our own and other peoples’

limitations, disappointments and failures. When they

come I suppose we do have to choose whether to laugh or

cry about them. But we can also do something else. We

can bring them to the Lord and ask him to help us to

change them into new life. The same failure can either be

a stumbling block or a stepping stone to something new.

We believe that out of death can come resurrection and

life. Posting a foible might help you work through it, but

the Lord will help you overcome it and transform it.