"We gather in faith..."

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis J. Christian


Sometimes I get the question ďDoes God love me less if I

sin seriously?Ē The answer to that question is no. But our

sin does prevent Godís love from getting through to us.

Nothing can stop Godís love from going out from him.

But we can stop it from entering into us. It is like the

sunlight: nothing can stop it from coming out of the sun,

because that is what the sun is made of. But we can shut

our eyes or pull the shade down. God is like a million

burning suns of love; nothing can stop him from loving us

any more than we can stop the sun from shining. But we

can turn our back on him and walk in our own shadow.

That is what sin does. Godís love is not dependent on how

good we are. Think for a moment about Jesusí parable of

the lost sheep. The shepherd goes out looking for the

sheep in love even though the sheep, so to speak, turned

its back on the shepherd. Or think about the Father of the

prodigal son who is anxiously waiting for him to come

home even though he rejected the Father. That is the kind

of love God has for us. But we are free to accept it or

reject it. When we reject it God does not stop loving us.

But we cut ourselves off from Him. Because He keeps

loving us and reaching into our hearts with His grace,

calling us back to Him, he gives us chance after chance to

repent and come home. But the choice is always ours.

Someone said once that God does not damn anyone, He

simply accepts the decision that we make for ourselves. It

is truly wonderful to know that God loves us in this way.

For if we should sin, why would we even think about

turning back to him if we thought He had stopped loving

us and would not welcome us home? But He will.

(Some of the images in this reflection are borrowed from

Peter Kreeft in his book Your Questions, Godís Answers)