We Gather in Faith

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis Christian.


Recently I came across a little meditation (source unknown) which I think gives us a lot to consider as we strive during Lent to live ever more fully as conscious and deliberate disciples of the Lord.

Here it is for your prayerful contemplation. 


Life is so complicated!  No it isn’t.  We make it complicated.  Cars and computers and codes are complicated.  Birds and bees and beaches aren’t complicated.  Life is wonderfully simple:


There is good and there is evil.  Love goodness.

There is truth, and there is falsehood.  Love truth.

There is beauty, and there is ugliness.  Love beauty.

There is life and there is death.  Love life.

There is love and there is hate.  Love love and

hate hate.

There is honesty and there is dishonesty. Love honesty.


And then you will be deeply happy, and you will know that you’ve chosen rightly and that life does not have to be complicated.  But you will know that only if you do it.