"We gather in faith..."

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis J. Christian


October is traditionally respect life month. But what

does it mean to pro-life. Listen to Peter Kreeft who

says . . .

It means what Moses said, to "just say yes' to life,

to "choose life."

"Life" means much more than just biological

survival. It means all the levels of human life, from

the biological to the psychological to the

interpersonal to the religious.

Therefore to be "pro-life" means:

1. loving and caring for your bodily health and the

health of the planet that nourishes it.

2. loving and caring for play, that up-rush of life that

we share with the higher animals but not with the

lower (that's why we play with dogs, not with


3. loving and caring for other human biological

lives, not killing them by abortion, euthanasia,

suicide, or starting wars.

4. loving and caring for other human psychological

and spiritual lives as you care for your own,


others as you love yourself

5. loving the moral law that tells you how to do that

6. knowing and loving nature and the nature of

everything: man, woman, animals, God, and even

sister death; not acting against their natures but

"painting with the grain"

7. loving the source and inventor of all life wherever

He comes to you: in nature, in conscience, in the

Bible, in the Mass, in children, everywhere, even

in death

You see? Being pro-life is bigger than #3 alone.