"We gather in faith..."

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis J. Christian


Many of you are now familiar with the story of

Susan Boyle. She became “famous”, at least for a

while, by singing on the British TV show “Britain’s

Got Talent”.

The YouTube video of her performing has been seen

by more than 60 million viewers. She became one of

the finalists on the program though she ultimately

didn’t win. She was an unemployed, unmarried,

unprepossessing woman from a remote village in

Scotland. A devout Catholic, she had spent the last

few years quietly caring for her ailing mother who

recently died at 91. When she walked on stage to

sing “I Dreamed a Dream”, a poignant song from

“Les Miserables”, the judges visibly smirked—until

she opened her mouth and silenced them with her

glorious voice subsequently in the last few years she

recorded several best-selling CD’s. I wonder what

accounts for the astonishing interest in Ms. Boyle. Is

it a cheer for an unlucky person given a lucky break?

Perhaps. But there may be more. A commentary in

AMERICA magazine suggested that the way viewers

see Susan Boyle is like the way God sees us:

worthwhile, special, talented, unique, and beautiful.

The writer stated that the world generally looks

askance at people like Susan Boyle, if it sees them at

all. Without classic good looks, without a job,

without a spouse, living in a small town, people like

her may not seem “important”.

But God sees the real person and the value of each

person’s gifts: rich or poor, young or old, single or

married, matron or movie star, lucky or unlucky in

life. God knows us and loves us. Susan Boyle’s

story recalls Psalm 139. Every person, no matter

what his or her talents is “fearfully and wonderfully