We Gather in Faith

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis Christian.


     The “Our Father” as taught to us in the Gospel challenges us to reflect seriously on the role of prayer in our lives.  First of all, it challenges us to ask if we take prayer seriously.  The scriptures show us Christ praying frequently.  Even though He was himself the divine son of God, he needed to stay in communion with His Father.  Staying in touch, so to speak, is the purpose of all prayer.  We know that every relationship needs to be nourished by meaningful contact.  Prayer provides us the time to deepen our relationship with God.  Without it our relationship with Him will be superficial at best and certainly not what God desires.  So do we make appropriate time to pray, to be in His presence, to commune with Him?  Our Lord takes for granted that we will be people of prayer.  He says to us “When you pray, say……”  Secondly, the Our Father reminds us that before it is anything else, prayer is about seeking God’s will for us, not about telling Him what to do or seeking what we think we want.  Christ tells us to pray first, “Hallowed be your name; your kingdom come.”  In other words, we praise you Father for your greatness and glory.  Show us what we must do to prepare the world for your reign.  We are to ask before anything else how we can serve God, what it is He wants us to do for Him.  Before we ask for what we think we need or want, we are to ask for the grace to serve Him, to grow the gifts He has given us according to His will, to be agents of his love and peace in the world.  Only then do we request our “daily bread” which means all of our human needs.  Perhaps if we learned to pray more in this fashion, we would understand God’s working in our lives more fully and find greater joy and purpose in our lives.