We Gather in Faith

Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis Christian.


Peter gives me hope and strength. He was the leader

of the apostles, the rock, but that rock was cracked by

doubt, fear, and misunderstanding. One moment he got it

and the next Jesus rebuked him. That reflects my faith

journey. When I take time to pray I keep my eyes on

Jesus and the God he came to reveal. The Spirit lessens

my fears and doubts and helps me trust in Godís constant

presence in my life, even when I feel most alone and

unworthy. When I do not take that time I focus only on

me. I feel alone, inadequate, and I begin to fall and sink.

St. Francis de Sales tells us that we ought to make time

to pray each day. When we feel that we donít have

enough time for prayer, we should take even more time.

Why? Because in prayer we aspire to God, that is, we

seek to do Godís will and breathe as one with God. In

prayer God also inspires us and breathes as one with us.

Daily prayer is a compass that helps to keep our focus on

God, through Christ, in the Spirit. In prayer we become

so one with God that our breath and Godís breath are in

sync. Then, whether the waters of life are treacherous or

smooth, we can see Jesus coming to us, walking with us,

and guiding our way. Then we are quiet enough to hear

Godís voice in the tiny whispering sound. By taking time

to pray, we invite Jesus to come to us, we can better hear

his invitation to come to him, and we can see the face that

lessens our doubts and calms our spirits. Breathe deeply.

Be one with Jesus, the Son of God, who is always with us.

Thanks to Laurie Brink, O.P. & Paul A. Colloton,